Mens skincare goes glocal

A previous blog referred to the potential in male skincare with the increasing attention to personal appearance. European demand is fuelled by a consumer desire to maintain a youthful appearance. Consequently, Western Europe has seen a focus on anti-fatigue/ stress or anti-aging effects. Experts suggest that the traditional categories (shaving products & razors) in Europe’s […]

Fragrance category enters troubled waters

With economic circumstances in Western Europe looking darker, and increasing pressure on emerging markets, recent performance of the fragrances category is extraordinary. In circumstances where China accounts for 40% of GLOBAL growth in 2011, however, challenging times lie ahead. Research experts predict fragrances growth rates over the next few years from major markets such as UAE, China […]

Indian consumer markets see profound change

The growth in demand for consumer products in India is seeing even more profound change. A recent Nielsen conference in New Delhi highlights good news for international brand owners : – the desire for premium products – interest in indulgent treats – a shift from commodity to brand purchasing – more regular adoption of previously luxury products […]

Anti-Ageing Skincare – terrific prospects with headroom for more…..

Even a cursory glance at the expert forecasts illustrate the convergence in growth of women’s anti-ageing facial skincare sales around the world. Furthermore, all the major markets are predicted to enjoy strong annual growth for the next 4-5 years – extraordinary forecasts set against the current economic backdrop. In fact, Italy is probably the standout […]

The Rise & Rise of the Men’s Beauty Category

Its not difficult to pick one of the ‘hot spots’ of the Cosmetics & Beauty category – anecdotal observation, the heady flow of new product launches, research, and industry forecasts all show Men’s Beauty products are on the march across different continents. Despite all the negative news on the plight of European economies and the […]