Rising demand for multichannel publishing

In 2012 frattempo publishing has seen an increase in demand for multimedia projects; what do these projects look like, what drives their demand and what are the implications of such approaches for the future?

Broader content offer

Few products for teachers and learners are now purely print-based; most at the very least provide a CD or link to a website for presenting the same content in a different way or for providing additional content or support.  Most publishers are necessarily embracing the opportunity to manipulate content in varied and interesting ways to offer teachers and learners a richer, deeper, broader, more flexible, personalised and multisensory experience.

Voiceover assignments

Frattempo projects have included straightforward voiceover assignments for storybooks as well as phonic skills-based programmes.  Saying the sounds of the English language in their purest form both in isolation and blended within words has become the fashion in all early years  and primary classrooms, as driven by the government passion for phonics. Audio (and visual) as well as print based resources have also supported teachers multifariously and well.

Value in video

Similarly, we have seen an increase in video for learners and teachers in both home and  international markets for English teaching. Video can deliver effective CPD and this market is expected to further increase as teachers seek time and cost effective ways to gain new knowledge and confidence in acquiring and teaching new skills. Some projects have required soft CPD strands – effectively a ‘teacher’s guide’ on screen, whilst others are themselves on-line CPD portals delivering free ‘expert’ advice or fee-paying units or apps. Video film or animation can ‘show and tell’ in a way that makes the inaccessible accessible; as we become more proficient as film makers and equipment becomes more sophisticated but simpler to use and more affordable,  so  the cost of producing professional video resources will become less and the quality higher.

Future role for social media ?

The future will surely see further multichannel product evolving with the increased integration of social media.  As a publisher, this offers exciting possibilities for new product development and a closer relationship with potential customers to shape the product and to flex it to personal needs using a range of media tools. As an author, this opens up the possibility of a more personal dialogue with the end user and the opportunity to support, train or merely debate.

Video-conferencing day @ BETT 2013

The #Bett_Show Video-conferencing day has a programme of seminars to help unlock its learning potential (Thurs 31 Jan, 2013) http://ow.ly/fsOer






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