The Anti Ageing phenomena

Even a cursory glance at the skincare space in any beauty outlet shows the rate of growth of the ‘anti-ageing’ phenomena in recent times.
A recent global beauty survey asked women whether they currently used anti-aging products to enhance their appearance or if they intended to do so in the future. An extraordinary 58% of women in the 35-54 age range said an emphatic ‘YES’ (59% of women aged 45-64) to using anti-ageing products now.
According to the survey, claimed usage is polarised – there is a definite cluster of ‘high acceptors’ who have integrated such products into their routine beauty regime. Similarly, there are some cultures who show more reticence to embrace the category :
1. High Acceptors
(% of women, aged 35-54 who responded yes to usage of anti age products to enhance their appearance)

Italy (56%)
Mexico (56%)
Spain (56%)
South Korea (53%)
Singapore (49%)
Poland (48%)
France (48%)
Brazil (48%)
China (48%)

2. Lower Acceptors

US (34%)
UK (33%)
South Africa (32%)
Sweden (31%)
Netherlands (30%)
Japan (27%)
New Zealand (22%)

Simple demographics changes are likely to lead to this category spreading further across the beauty category spectrum. The tone by which the message is executed is the critical factor however.
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