Top 10 global consumer concerns in haircare

What is seen to be on trend and new has always been a driver of interest, trial and growth momentum in the haircare category.
Beauty market forecasters have undertaken a global survey to understand the key concerns consumers have around their hair. These types of forecasts often make the press headlines but are important in flagging the areas where profitable beauty NPD opportunities lie :
According to the experts, the top 10 hair concerns for consumers are :

  1. Hair Loss
  2. Dandruff / Itchy scalp
  3. Thinning hair
  4. Lack of volume / overly fine hair
  5. Grey hair
  6. Dull hair
  7. Dry hair
  8. Colour damage
  9. Frizzy hair
  10. Greasy hair

Hair loss and thinning hair concerns are a particular point of interest in those markets with aging populations, and where brands wish to develop male targeted products.
Scalp care is a definite hot trend in the salon channel currently with brands like Nioxin and are sure to translate to consumer markets soon beyond anti-dandruff.
Lack of volume can sometimes be heavily influenced by climate (e.g Scandinavia).
Dry hair as a concern is helping to fuel innovation in areas such as sun protection and intensive conditioning.
As with skincare, the need for hydration has fuelled growth in oil treatments which continue to expand rapidly.
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  1. This is so true! Hairfall has become such a common concern

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