Top 10 in global salon haircare is an old/new world mix




Industry experts are predicting that the Top 10 salon haircare markets will remain the same through to 2017 at least with a blend of old world (major European markets plus US) and new world markets (three of the BRICs).





The Top 10 group of global salon haircare markets over the next 4 years or so, are likely to be :

#1 US

#2 Japan

#3 China

#4 Germany

#5 France

#6 Italy

#7 Russia

#8 UK

#9 Brazil

#10 Spain

This group of 10 could enjoy significantly different growth rates however – China and Russia enjoying stellar growth with only Japan out of the top 10 predicted to decline slightly.

Despite all the negative economic news within the eurozone, half the listed countries are within the EU.

If you are growing a salon hair care brand, does your international business reflect this profile ?

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