Top 6 european markets for hair styling

The hair styling market will remain the problem child of the haircare category through to 2016 at least, according to expert forecasts.  In 2016, the top 6 ranking of European markets is forecast to be :

Ranked index of 2016 market value

  1. Germany (index – 100)
  2. United Kingdom (index – 50)
  3. France (index – 50)
  4. Italy (index – 37)
  5. Russia (index – 32)
  6. Spain (index – 32)

(basis : 2016 forecast $rsp value)

Challenges lie ahead for brand owners seeking growth – depending on the expert source, value decline is forecast for France, Spain and Italy at best, and add smaller declines predicted in Germany and the UK in the more pessimistic scenario. That leaves just Russia among the major markets forecast to grow.

For growth prospects, brand owners have to look beyond the mature markets in the Top 5. Markets close to home but within the Top 10 include Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, and the Nordic countries. Thereafter the exciting growth prospects lie outside Europe.

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